Good people

by jaywcoombes

Surround yourself with good people and bad times will be easy to overcome.

What a load of shit.

Her Mother had told her that, back when good people still existed. Back when being a good person was actually possible. Now, all it takes for a person to be good is for them to kill you quickly. Minimal pain, no torture, no…other things.

Good people. I’m not even sure those of us that are left can be called people anymore, least of all good.

As she stared at the filth-covered man in front of her, with his spiked bat and patched clothes, her Mother’s words were stark in her mind. He was leaning motionless against a wall with the bat resting in his right hand. Even from where was she tied up, 10 meters away, she could see that the bat was splattered with the brown colour of dried blood.

Huh, good peopleNo, there’s no good people. Only base animals, doing what they must to survive. 

That’s all that humanity was now. Roving packs of frenzied animals, where only the strongest, meanest and most vile could live. She tried to move her head to get the bearings of where she was being held. As she moved, she felt a trickle of blood slide down her forehead.

Must be from when he hit me. Only a few reasons to keep me alive…

She tried to remember how she became tied up. She scrunched her eyes, ignored the pounding pain in her head, and saw glimpses of what had happened. Creeping, stalking, fear; lots of fear. Sudden noises, then running. Frantic running. Through alleys and burnt out buildings. A chant. A sickening chant, joyous that food had been found. An open door. Darkness. Lots of feet hammering past. Laughter and shouts, fading away. A quiet hope.

I hid. I hid from the mob. They passed me, but how did I…

More flashes of memories. The door started to open, a faint crack of light appearing. A face peeked through, grinning. An arm reached out to grab her. Warm, stinking breath fell against her face. A sudden noise, a brief struggle. A moment of pain. Then silence.

She opened her eyes, panting as her heart thundered in her chest.  The man in the room was crouched in front of her. A strange half smile flitted across his face.

“Well, hello there.” He said, the smile never leaving his face.

An evil smile? No, that’s not the smile of someone who has won. 

“Do you remember?” he continued. “If it wasn’t for me, they’d have got you. Sorry about the knock on the head, accidents happen. I’m Daniel, pleased to meet you.”

Well I’ll be damned. Could this be the last good person? I fucking hope so.