Decisions – Part One

by jaywcoombes


Mindlessly, I picked something up off the shelf. Across the front of a box in big, bright letters, were the words: “An EXPLOSION of fruity goodness!”. How the hell does that describe cereal? Why would I want to eat something described as ‘explosive’? Looking at the price, it didn’t matter. £2.90 for a bloody box of cereal…like I could afford that.

Glancing around, I checked how many people were in the shop. From what I could tell, it was nearly empty. An old boy had just tottered out, leaving just the cashier and two people, a man and a woman, paying at the cash register.

Thinking this was a good a time as any, I walked towards them.

“I’m not sure this is right.” said the man. He was holding a receipt and glaring at it like it just shit on his foot. “Sorry mate, ain’t it two for one on the Merlot?”.

The cashier looked like he really couldn’t give a fuck if it was or wasn’t two for one on the Merlot, but he took the receipt and aggressively tapped at the screen in front of him. He handed the receipt back to the man.

“Yeah it is. Must have happened recently,” said the cashier, “bloody machines haven’t caught up yet. Sorry about this, I’ll return the difference.”

Even though I knew what I was going to do, my heart wouldn’t stop beating faster and faster.

“Cheers pal,” said the man, taking the money from the cashier, “have a good evening.” The pair of them picked up their bags and left the shop. The cashier looked at me, dead eyed.


My hands were starting to feel clammy and a bead of sweat was trickling down my back. Stepping forward I realised I was still holding the fucking explosive cereal.

“Just this please mate.” I said, putting the box down with shaking hands. The words came out scratchy and hoarse. Fuck me, my mouth’s drier than a nun’s snatch.

As the cashier scanned the cereal, I reached into my pocket. There it is. Cold and metallic. My finger curled around it, clenching. Adrenaline was building up inside me making my head all light and fuzzy.

“That’s £2.90 then all together, was that everything?” The cashier’s voice sounded distant and mumbled, I could barely hear him from the blood pounding in my ears. I clenched my teeth and yanked my hand out my pocket towards him. I pointed the gun directly at his head.

For the first time the cashier showed emotion. His eyes grew massive and his arms shot into the air. My arm was shaking wildly. I could feel my fingers twitching.

“All the money you have, give it me now or I’ll fucking shoot you”. The words fell out of my mouth. My voice rang in my ears; too fucking quick you idiot, I thought. You sound like a scared little kid. Although in truth, that’s exactly what I am.

The cashier made a squeaking sound and opened the register up. His hands fumbled at the notes inside, dropping more than he passed to me.

“S-sorry. Sorry. Sorry.” he said, “Please don’t kill me”.

I could feel my fear being replaced with anger at this bumbling idiot. I waved the gun in his face.

“Just fucking hurry up you wanker. Pick those up, give ’em here. Quicker you little shit”.

As the cashier bent down to pick up the dropped notes I leant forward and saw him push a button just below the counter.

My fleeting confidence was replaced by fear. “You dumb fucking cunt.” I screamed, “Fuck fuck fuck, what the fuck was that? What the fuck does that button do?”.

The cashier fell over on his arse and scurried backwards. “Shit, shit, shit. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It was a mistake, I didn’t mean to. Shit, please don’t hurt me”.

An alarm started going off in the shop. Loud and piercing, the noise was making my head pound. Fuck. What I am going to do? Shit, shit, shit. I’m not sure, but I think I’m still screaming at the trembling man on the floor. Yeah, I’m definitely still screaming. My arm is really shaking now. The gun feels so bloody heavy.

Something, suddenly, was louder than the alarm. My arm was thrown back and a sharp, burnt smell filled the air. My ears gave up trying to figure out what’s going on, I can’t hear a bloody thing.

I looked down at the cashier. His head was slumped down against his chest. A growing red puddle was leaking onto the floor. I’ve shot him. I’ve fucking shot him.