by jaywcoombes

The crisp blue sky burned his eyes as he drew back heavy curtains. Blinking tears not wholly caused by the bright light, he watched as the world ticked by past the window. He saw an elderly couple with time-wrinkled skin and purple spots of age walking slowly down the cracked pavement hand-in-hand, choosing not to look at the violent graffiti and broken needles. A group of small children looted through a mothers bag whilst she screamed and clutched her baby close, shame forgotten and morality as dead as God.

Pain, sudden and sharp, struck him in the chest. Blood oozed from crusted nostrils, and electric flashes blurred his sight. Vaguely remembering falling, he lay for a while listening to the ragged drum of his heart. Groping the floor, he found his saviour. Into distended veins, corrupt and diseased, he plunged his sweet release.

A last breath, as surprising as his first, left a ravaged throat; as dreams of eternity flowed as liquid into an unreceptive mind.