by jaywcoombes

The veranda opened up to the forest. I leaned against the railing and took in the beauty that appeared, to me, to last forever.

A dark green canopy rose and fell with the undulating landscape until it met the horizon. To the East, the forest climbed higher and higher into the foothills of the great mountains, the trees growing sparser and sparser until they simply stopped. Where the forest ended and the mountains proper began resembled the meeting of two armies. One organic and full of life, the other hard and immovable.

Looking West, I could see the distant twinkles of light of the Aoan Sea and the mist that was rolling gently into the forest as the sun warmed the shallow water. Flotillas of seabirds soared on the wind, circling the sun as if in praise and worship.

I drank in the air, deep and clean, and was content.