The Precipice

by jaywcoombes

I left because it all became too much. The grind of living in my mundane microcosm was killing me. It was the routine. That horrid, mind-numbing routine that led to my entire life consisting of wandering around, unthinking and emotionless in a constant cycle that I couldn’t see the end of. Wakeup, work, eat, sleep; all the while cherishing the vivid dreams of a better existence, of action without reason and unpredictable days that shook the foundation of my world. It was time to act on those dreams, dreams which I always took as telling of my destiny. Dreams are a glimpse of what can become reality, but destiny waits for no fool or serendipity. 

So, I left.

No goodbyes, no final farewells and a lonely walk into the horizon of a dying day. Apathetic was my life, and apathetic was my leaving. I didn’t know where to go, what I wanted to do, or even how. Which leaves me here now, without direction, without a next part to complete in a routine, without a calculable outcome and above all, without the burden of always asking ‘why?’. 

I feel free. I am free. Please, I invite you to come on this journey with me into the unknown for the sake of its unsung wonders, to unearth the endless possibilities that living without reason to find reason promises to deliver, and to stand in solidarity at the beauty that envelopes this life.

The opening piece of Through the Waterfall; a collection of journal articles depicting the travels of D.C Baxter.