The Maker’s Bubble

by jaywcoombes

The bird removed his glasses and, using his breath, cleaned them with one of his feathers and placed them back on his beak. Glancing out of his window, he sighed heavily. Turtles were floating lazily by with large bubbles being pushed out of their mouths ,all billowing away into the deep waters. Each bubble shined with the radiance of the thousands of stars trapped within them, swirling and glowing magnificently. The bird watched this for what seemed an eternity – and indeed it was. Though he looked for merely a few moments in his universe, in those moments countless bubbles burst and countless were created. Leaping from brightly burning stars and twinkling new born planets to cooling giants and mass extinction; the Maker’s kept their silent vigil. Humanity had been created and destroyed, along with the infinite possibilities of creation, an infinite amount of times. Time was a creation of the Maker’s; a force that existed only under the Law’s of Physics – laws that were sculpted and fashioned into existence and locked away inside the impure bubbles.

The bird allowed himself to laugh, the sound caused a few bubbles to pop suddenly, the echoing laughter reverberating across untold universes. ‘It all seems so pointless.’ He thought to himself, shocked at his disobedience. At that exact moment of disbelief and doubt his own universe popped only to be promptly replaced by another, mirror-image universe containing an exact replica of himself before his dark thoughts. And so it continues; the grind to understand life is eternal.