As one

by jaywcoombes

There once was a boy who loved a girl. In the dark, lonely hours of a long and cold night, he promised himself to do everything to make her happy.

One day, he heard the girl say to her friends;

‘I’m ever so sad, the flowers in my garden are all dried up and are not growing!’

So the boy jumped high into the sky and grabbed the nearest cloud and squeezed with all his might. Rain started pouring from the clouds, and the flowers grew and grew, becoming extraordinarily colourful and vibrant. The girl smiled and the boys heart swelled with joy.

A few days later he saw the girl standing outside shivering;

‘Gosh, but it’s cold today!’

The boy set down his rucksack and pulled out a giant length of rope. He threw the rope up into the sky and caught the sun. The boy pulled and pulled until he nearly fell over with exhaustion, but he had managed to pull the sun closer and made the girl warm and happy.

Another day the girl was dreaming of going to the sea;

‘If only these mountains weren’t blocking the way to the sea, I would love to see the ocean and swim with all the fishes!’ 

Rolling up his sleeves, the boy began to push the mountains. Straining with the effort, the boys face had flushed a deep red and his whole body was shaking. Eventually, the mountains started to move, scraping across the ground and opening the way to the sea. The girl skipped through the gap with a giant grin on her face singing about roaring waves and golden sand.

While walking at night, the boy noticed the girl looking up into sky;

‘How I wish it was brighter tonight.’

The boy rummaged through his pockets and found a bright silver pen. Bending his knee’s he jumped into the dark night sky. He dashed across the black, blank canvas and drew stars, shooting comets and glowing meteors. The girl gasped in awe, staring wide-eyed and laughing. 

Then, one night the girl spoke to the boy;

‘I’m lonely.’

The boy thought about this, about what he could do to make her happy. He thought he could bring her every animal on the planet,  big and small, to keep her company. But she didn’t want animals. She said to him;

‘You have wrestled clouds to make my garden grow, you have dragged the sun closer to make me warm, you have moved mountains so I could see the ocean and you’ve painted stars in the sky to make me see the beautiful night. All these things you have done selflessly, all to make me happy. What would make me the happiest, would to have you at my side to walk through dried gardens, to hold close when it’s cold, to climb over obstacles in our way and to find the light in the dark, together.’

From that day on, the boy and girl travelled through life overcoming any problems and being happy, together.